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What’s new with TAC’s Environment & Climate Change Council

August 1, 2023

This is one in a series of articles profiling the online meetings of TAC’s six councils and their committees held in April 2023.

TAC’s Environment & Climate Change Council had 40 attendees at its meeting on April 27.

Guest presentations

The Council heard presentations from Carlos Gutierrez de Quevedo (Arcadis IBI Group) on net-zero highways, Brad Badelt (City of Vancouver) on Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Action Plan, and Shauna Lehmann (Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways) on Saskatchewan’s One Government Invasive Species Weeds Initiative.

Committee updates

The Council received updates from its three committees.

The Climate Change Integrated Committee meeting attracted 27 attendees. It featured a discussion on considering emission scenarios when evaluating risk or revising design standards. It also heard a presentation on flood and risk assessment with climate change considerations from Mani Rajendran.

The Environmental Issues Committee meeting had 38 participants. The Committee heard from Paul Adamus on wetland function and assessment, and from Stephen Legaree and Richard Simpson on the challenges of design-build projects from an environmental perspective. There was also a notable discussion on alternative project delivery models and environmental requirements.

The Environmental Legislation Committee meeting involved 42 participants. The Committee heard presentations from James Manicom on Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s fish and fish habitat protection program engagement and status, and from Caroline Ladanowski, Julie Bourque and Katherine Laplante on Environment and Climate Change Canada’s migratory bird regulation updates. Notable discussions were held on migratory bird challenges, meeting Fisheries Act requirements with economic efficiencies, wetland compensation, and working effectively with Indigenous groups.

Environment & Climate Change Council Executive volunteers

  • Chair – Ethan Askey (City of Calgary)
  • Vice-Chair – Dawn Irish (Ministry of Transportation, Ontario)
  • Chair, Climate Change Integrated Committee – Naz Capano (City of Toronto)
  • Chair, Environmental Issues Committee – Robin Taylor (Ausenco)
  • Chair, Environmental Legislation Committee – Melissa Rutherford (CBCL Limited)
  • Past Chair – Shauna Lehmann (Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways)
  • Board Liaison – Lon LaClaire (City of Vancouver)

Contact Craig Stackpole for more information on the Environment & Climate Change Council and its committees.