What’s HappeningNewsThe Future of Asset Lifecycle Management – A technology ecosystem helps you optimize your transportation network

The Future of Asset Lifecycle Management – A technology ecosystem helps you optimize your transportation network

January 4, 2023

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Trimble’s Asset Lifecycle Management solutions let you deliver higher performance, cost savings and sustainability—all by harnessing the power of data.

Let Your Asset Knowledge Grow With Your Data

Transportation infrastructure data is more abundant than ever, but often gets lost in the transition from the design phase to the construction phase and then to the subsequent stages of the asset lifecycle. The resulting data loss leads to wasted time and effort, driving up the cost of your infrastructure projects and maintenance.

Asset information such as the GIS-specified location, material composition, condition and other attributes are accessible with the right technologies. Harnessing this information early—and carrying it through the design, construction, operation and maintenance phases of the lifecycle—greatly improves productivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness for asset owners, contractors and those who manage the asset over time.

Connected data. Simplified workflows. Optimized results.

The future of asset management is in the data-driven lifecycle. Where silos give way to a common data environment. Where teams connect through simplified work streams. Where you deliver higher-performing assets at a lower lifetime cost—all while staying on schedule and maximizing transparency and sustainability.

We digitize. You manage. Together, we deliver.

Trimble’s Asset Lifecycle Management solutions empower you to unify data and workflows across the full lifecycle of your assets. From design and construction to operations and maintenance, we’re digitizing asset management so you can deliver more benefits for your organization and the broader public. Benefits like better safety, productivity, cost-effectiveness, quality, transparency and sustainability.

Where Digital Meets Enterprise

Trimble’s Asset Lifecycle Management ecosystem combines Digital Project Delivery with Enterprise Asset Management capabilities—the only technology of its kind to bring you integrated solutions for construction and asset management. So you can harness the power of data to add value at every stage of the asset lifecycle.

Why Digital Project Delivery With Trimble?

Digital project delivery (DPD) is the use of digital data to plan, design, construct, inspect, and record as-built conditions during the delivery of a construction project—improving teamwork and outcomes at every stage. The resulting data helps you better manage your assets for performance and cost-effectiveness across the lifecycle. Trimble solutions support DPD through:

  • Capital Planning & Program Management software that helps you ensure the return on investment of every project—from strategy to execution
  • A Common Data Environment (CDE) that unifies information from various systems and devices so you can make informed decisions at every stage
  • Reality Capture through surveying, scanning and photogrammetry technologies that support the development of 3D models that help you better plan and manage your assets
  • Machine-Controlled Construction Equipment that not only improves operator accuracy but also provides data back to the 3D model or CDE to improve transparency for all stakeholders
  • Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR)/Mixed Reality (MR) technology that enables workers to visualize 3D models in the context of the physical environment, improving planning, progress tracking, and on-site execution—all helping to keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Why Trimble Enterprise Asset Management?

No matter what assets you manage—roads, bridges, signs, signals, facilities, utilities and many more—your work depends on using the right data at the right time to make the right decisions. Whether you collect asset data, track it, analyze it or use it to take action in the office or in the field, you have a direct impact on the performance and lifespan of your assets.

Trimble is the only GIS-centric technology provider with solutions that empower you to maximize data quality, accessibility and interoperability across the full asset lifecycle—so you can deliver optimal performance and return on investment from your assets.

With Trimble Enterprise Asset Management solutions, you can streamline workflows and connect data across teams to improve:

  • Capital Planning & Program Management
  • GIS Asset Inventory
  • Asset Management
  • Maintenance & Operations
  • Work Management
  • Strategic & Operational Reporting
  • Public Access & Engagement

Build Better. Manage for the Lifecycle.

Whether you are a construction project owner, a contractor, an asset manager or any other contributor to the asset lifecycle, Trimble solutions can support you to deliver better. Find out more about Trimble Construction and Asset Management solutions.

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