What’s HappeningNewsTAC’s Project on Shared Micromobility Services is Now Underway

TAC’s Project on Shared Micromobility Services is Now Underway

August 21, 2023

Shared micromobility services are fleets of small vehicles (e.g., bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters) that are available to the public for short-term rental. These services have emerged as a transformative element of urban transportation systems, offering efficient alternatives for short trips. However, they involve rapidly changing technologies, varied regulatory environments, and varying perspectives on how to balance public and private interests.

A new TAC pooled-fund project sponsored by the Mobility Council will document the experiences of Canadian communities in planning and delivering shared micromobility services, so they can be shared with others. It will capture and communicate lessons learned about various types of shared micromobility services, their roles in the growing spectrum of mobility options, where key opportunities exist for each, and how they can make transportation systems more efficient, effective, equitable, safe, and sustainable.

“There has been rapid growth in shared micromobility services across North America. The application and regulation of this service is complex and involves evolving technologies. This project will synthesize relevant experience and help inform potential improvements to our existing shared e-scooter pilot program.” – Sheliza Kelts, City of Saskatoon

The Project Team

The project will be directed by a project steering committee with representatives from the following project funding organizations:

  • City of Brampton
  • City of Burlington
  • City of Calgary
  • City of Hamilton
  • City of Kelowna
  • City of Mississauga
  • City of Ottawa
  • City of Richmond Hill
  • City of Saskatoon
  • City of Vancouver
  • City of Vaughan
  • Halifax Regional Municipality
  • Ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité durable du Québec
  • Region of Waterloo
  • Regional Municipality of York
  • TransLink

The project work will be conducted by Alta Planning + Design Canada, a consulting firm with extensive experience in all aspects of planning, evaluating, and managing shared micromobility systems.

A Look Ahead

The project will include an inventory of shared micromobility systems across Canada, a comprehensive survey of jurisdictions, and a series of in-depth interviews with key stakeholders. It is expected to lead to a new TAC publication by late 2024.