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TAC Seeks Supporting Partners for Pooled Fund Projects

November 21, 2023

The Transportation Association of Canada’s (TAC) pooled-fund projects are only possible due to the organizations that contribute funds and nominate employees to sit on project steering committees. There are currently four projects in development – click on a title below for more information, and contact TAC if your organization would like to get involved.

Curbside Charging for Electric Vehicles

Topics to be addressed may include ownership models, financial requirements, market assessment, siting and design, utility needs, approvals, regulation and operation. The final report will discuss the role of curbside charging, summarize Canadian experiences, challenges and opportunities, and provide application principles for different contexts, notable options and illustrative examples.

Mobility Council

funder to date
Alternative Financing and Procurement Models (AFPs) for Major Transportation Projects in Canada

This project will explore the intended objectives of AFPs for major road, bridge and transit projects, and identify challenges that public agencies face as well as their responses. The final report will synthesize the lessons learned and key considerations for different orders of government, and for agencies of varying size and context.

Mobility Council

Assessing and Mitigating Transportation Noise and Vibration

This project will review current Canadian practices, costing tools, decision-making criteria, performance criteria and mitigation approaches, and suggest best practices for noise and vibration assessment and mitigation.

Environment & Climate Change Council

Cross Section Elements

This synthesis of practice is the first stage in developing a new Chapter 4—Cross Section Elements in TAC’s Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads. It will address design procedures and domains related to lane widths, special purpose lanes, shoulders, medians, outer separations and boulevards, curb and gutter and drainage. It will present typical cross sections and considerations around bridges, utility placement, snow storage and future widenings.

Safety, Design & Operations Council


with additional funds from TAC’s Board of Directors