What’s HappeningNewsTAC Seeks Funding Partners for New Projects on EV Charging and Alternative Project Financing

TAC Seeks Funding Partners for New Projects on EV Charging and Alternative Project Financing

May 31, 2023

TAC’s Mobility Council recently approved two new pooled-fund project descriptions. These projects are now seeking funding from organizations interested in becoming involved, and the project steering committees will begin the work once sufficient funds have been committed.

Curbside Charging for Electric Vehicles: Synthesis of Practice was initiated by the Mobility Management Committee. The specific topics included in the project will be confirmed by the project steering committee but could include ownership models, financial requirements, market assessment, siting and design, utility needs, approvals, regulation, and operation. The final report will include an overview of electric vehicle (EV) charging in general and discuss the role of curbside charging. Each topic will be addressed by summarizing the Canadian experiences, challenges and opportunities, as well as application principles for different contexts, notable options and illustrative examples.
Funding target: $130,000

Alternative Financing and Procurement Models (AFPs) for Major Transportation Projects in Canada: Lessons Learned was initiated by the Transportation Finance Committee. The project will explore the intended objectives of AFPs for major road, bridge and transit projects, and the challenges that public agencies face as well as their responses. The final report will synthesize lessons learned and identify key considerations for different orders of government, and for agencies of varying size and context, that seek to use AFPs for major transportation projects.
Funding target: $95,000

Visit TAC’s website for more information on our pooled-fund project process or a full list of our projects in development. To ask a question or discuss a funding commitment, please contact us.