What’s HappeningNewsHighlights from TAC’s First Online Symposium: Equity in Transportation

Highlights from TAC’s First Online Symposium: Equity in Transportation

June 24, 2024

On May 30, 2024, the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) hosted its first online symposium, “Equity in Transportation.” This event was a significant step in acknowledging and addressing the rising interest in equity issues across TAC’s volunteer councils and committees.
The symposium highlighted nationwide efforts to enhance transportation equity and improved members’ understanding of equity challenges and solutions.

A diverse pool of more than 350 individuals heard insights into transportation equity from academics belonging to the INTERACT and Mobilizing Justice research groups, followed by 15 presentations from Canadian organizations on a range of important themes:

  • Integrating equity into transportation planning and decision-making
  • Utilizing data and analytics in equity initiatives
  • Building equity through projects and programs
  • Addressing the needs of equity-deserving groups

In a post-event survey of participants, nearly all rated the symposium as excellent (58%) or good (36%). They also identified the following key takeaways:

  • The importance of community focus and engagement in equity initiatives
  • The critical role of data collection and analysis in equity strategies
  • The inherent complexity of equity challenges and solutions
  • The wealth of experience and information available across Canada

“The symposium brought Canadian researchers and practitioners together to share information about challenges, effective approaches and emerging tools to improve equity. There is good work being done on this issue and we hope the event informed and inspired participants.”

– Dr. Sarah Wells, Executive Director