Title:  Guidelines for the Coordination of Utility Relocations
Publication code:  RPT-CUR-E

These guidelines are designed as a template that public agencies can refer to for developing a process for the coordination of utility relocations.  For those agencies with existing processes, it can be reviewed as a best practices document, ensuring that all key aspects are covered, and consistent practices are followed.  For those without an existing process this can be a base document used to develop a manual for agency specific situations. 

The document is divided into two main components – the flow chart and the write-up.  The flow chart is intended as an overall summary of the processes used on a typical capital works design-bid-build project to coordinate all relocations required.  It covers all major components of the project: preliminary design, detailed design, construction and post-construction.

The main body of the document complements the information in the flow chart providing additional detail on each of the various phases of the project. 

The intent of the document is to advance the overall coordination of utility relocations across the country for the benefits of both, public agencies and utility companies. The key component of the success is use and implementation of the guidelines.

Pages:  42
Publication year:  2016
Category:  Resource Centre PDFs (free)
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Publication type:  Report
Publication date:  Monday, June 13, 2016
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