Title:  Guidelines for Underground Utility Installations Crossing Highway Rights-of-Way
Publication code:  PTM-UUICH-E

Guidelines for Underground Utility Installations Crossing Highway Rights-of-Way is intended to assist various road authorities in establishing and administering reasonably uniform criteria for the accommodation of utilities crossing highway (and freeway) rights-of-way.  Ideally, existing utility accommodation guidelines should be updated in light of these guidelines, as appropriate.

These guidelines have been written for both the road industry and the utility industry.  They are specifically aimed at: public and private sector managers; consulting engineers practicing in the highway/utility field; and individuals entering the highway/utility field, although they can be used by anyone interested in an overview of the complex series of highway/utility interactions.

Utility companies provide essential services to the public.  They often install their facilities within the rights-of-way of public roads. If the utilities were not allowed to use the rights-of-way, they could be required to purchase their own land, which would drive up the overall cost to the utility company. This could significantly increase the cost to the public.  The responsibility of road authorities includes operating the highway rights-of-way in a manner that ensures the safety, traffic-carrying ability and physical integrity of their installations.  The presence of a utility within the right-of-way can affect these characteristics, so it is necessary for road authorities to reasonably regulate the presence of utilities.

Keywords: Planning of Transport Infrastructure, Administration, Cable, Carriageway, Corridor (Transp), Crossing the Road, Electricity, Fuel, Maintenance, Pipe, Risk Assessment, Safety, Subterranean


Pages:  30
Publication year:  2013
Category:  Structural Design & Management Maintenance & Construction
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Publication type:  National Guidelines
Publication date:  Friday, March 29, 2013
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