Title:  Traffic Signal Guidelines for Bicycles
Publication code:  PTM-TSGB-E

Traffic Signal Guidelines for Bicycles helps practitioners plan, design and implement traffic signals for bicycles in Canada. 

Bicycle signals are used to facilitate safer traffic flows of, and between, motor vehicles and bicycles.  The signals may be installed at intersections where significant bicycle traffic volumes or conflicts exist.

Conventional traffic control signals provide safe and convenient passage for cyclists through the vast majority of intersections.  However, there are circumstances in which the addition of bicycle-specific traffic signals can make cycling safer and more attractive.  The objective of doing so isn’t necessarily to give cyclists priority over other roadway users but rather to permit the safe and efficient shared use of intersections and roadways.

Pages:  42
Publication year:  2014
Category:  Municipal / Urban Road Safety Traffic Operations & Management
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Publication type:  Report
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