Title:  Salt Management Guide - Second Edition
Publication code:  PTM-SALTMGMT-E

The Salt Management Guide (Second Edition) provides an update to TAC’s title of the same name, published in 1999, in order to incorporate the research and lessons learned in the past ten years.

This guide and the related syntheses of best practices (available free of charge from TAC) continue to identify and describe ways of handling and using salt – the de-icer of choice on more than one million kilometres of Canadian roads – to maintain its usefulness within winter maintenance while reducing its adverse effects to the environment.

The Guide is organized into three chapters:

  • Chapter 1 tackles the effect of transportation on the Canadian economy, and also the effect of winter maintenance practices (and in particular road salt) on the economy.
  • Chapter 2 examines the environmental impact of road salting practices. The process by which road salt enters into a specific environment, and the ensuing environmental results are examined in relation to surface water, groundwater, vegetation, wildlife, and human health and more.
  • Chapter 3 addresses road salt management, including resources, material storage, salt science, operational planning and control, and key success factors.

Disponible en français : Guide de gestion des sels de voirie (2013)

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Pages:  275
Publication year:  2013
Category:  Environment Maintenance & Construction
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Publication date:  Tuesday, April 30, 2013
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