Title:  Understanding Goods Movement in Canada: Trends and Best Practices (2021)
Publication code:  PTM-GOODSMVMT-E

Understanding Goods Movement in Canada is a comprehensive introduction to the subject for transportation practitioners and individuals working in other sectors. It provides an overview of the freight industry including its structure and key stakeholders; explains important considerations in planning for goods movement; and describes major trends and disruptors with their benefits and risks. It also includes real-world case studies and self-directed exercises that encourage readers to apply what they’ve learned.

This title is also available in French

Pages:  112
Publication year:  2021
Category:  Economics & Administration Municipal / Urban Passenger, Freight & Heavy Vehicles Resource Centre PDFs (free) Transport Planning Transportation Systems Technology
Media type:  PDF
Publication type:  Synthesis of practices
Publication date:  Friday, February 12, 2021
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