Title:  Guide to Evaluating Soil and Material Stabilization Products
Publication code:  PTM-ESMSP-E

Guide to Evaluating Soil and Material Stabilization Products addresses the stabilization of roadway pavement structures and focuses on four main types of stabilization processes (mechanical, cementitious, asphalt, and other chemical). It helps readers identify and understand soil and material stabilization products and processes used across Canada and internationally, with a look at their optimal applications and performance. The guide also provides a common framework for agencies to follow in evaluating the engineering and environmental suitability of stabilization products for road construction, and includes a product application form to be completed by suppliers or contractors.

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Rationale: Stabilizing poor soils during road construction, rather than replacing them, has become common practice for several important reasons. Numerous soil and material stabilization products are commercially available, and new products emerge regularly. Because conditions vary widely across Canada, it is important that road owners evaluate the suitability of soil and material stabilization products – especially those that are new to market – before approving them for local use. Local approaches to evaluation and approval have varied widely, and the introduction of a clear and consistent process benefits product suppliers and contractors, as well as road designers and owners.

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Publication year:  2022
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