Title:  Canadian Guide for Greener Roads
Publication code:  PTM-CGGR-E

The Canadian Guide for Greener Roads (CGGR) promotes smart growth and multi-modal transportation solutions along with safe, enduring roadway infrastructure and more sustainable construction and maintenance principles.

The CGGR helps users self-evaluate and strengthen the benefits of integrating sustainability principles into Canadian roadway projects.  The CGGR is written for technical laypersons (e.g. environmental planner, transportation engineer) with some technical understanding but who may not be not subject-matter experts.  It also helps decision-makers reduce the less desirable social, economic and environmental impacts of roads while encouraging processes, practices and products that will yield more sustainable outcomes. Not a design document, it encourages users to consult applicable jurisdictional requirements, technical standards and guidance documents, and to obtain professional advice as required. 

The Canadian Guide for Greener Roads – User Manual includes:

  • CHAPTER 1: CGGR goals and scope, and its links to other environmental processes
  • CHAPTER 2: how to use the CGGR to self-evaluate road projects, strengthen their sustainability benefits, and support agency plans and programs
  • CHAPTER 3: CGGR’s development process
  • APPENDIX A: sustainability objectives that describe the sustainability benefits related to a road project
  • APPENDIX B: sustainability practices (such as ‘Bicycle Access’ or ‘Habitat Retention’) that can be addressed in a project in order to achieve the sustainability objectives
  • APPENDIX C: sustainability questions related to the practices that can be used to self-evaluate a road project

The CGGR user manual is accompanied by an interactive tool, which can be opened with Microsoft Access (version 2010 or later) or Microsoft Runtime.  The tool filters and links the sustainability practices to sustainability questions and objectives.  It helps users access relevant information easily and in a variety of ways, and allows them to choose between finding practices and undertaking the self-evaluation. A PDF-version of the user manual is included in the interactive tool, as are instructional videos via the ‘Help’ button.

Users can access the CGGR in their choice of two formats:

  • a printed user manual, accompanied by a CD ROM, which contains: the interactive tool as described above; and PDF versions of each sustainability practice
  • a CD ROM which contains: the interactive tool as described above; and PDF versions of each sustainability practice

Disponible en français : Guide canadien pour des routes plus vertes

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