Title:  Climate Change and Road Safety: Projections Within Urban Areas
Publication code:  PTM-CCRS-E

Climate Change and Road Safety

  • documents the ways in which climate change may affect road safety in Canada,
  • estimates the magnitude of associated risks and identifies which motor vehicle collision types could be most affected by climate change and where they will take place in the future.

Using police reports of road collisions that occurred from 2000-2009, quantitative estimates of collision risk during different weather conditions are provided. These risk estimates are combined with projections of climate change to provide insights into the magnitude and nature of the safety risks associated with climate change in the future.

This publication represents the most comprehensive assessment of its kind to date.

Keywords: Environment; Accident Statistics; accident; analysis (math); collision; forecast; risk; risk assessment; safety; statistics; urban area; variability; weather

Pages:  168
Publication year:  2013
Category:  Environment Municipal / Urban Road Safety
Media type:  PDF
Publication type:  Report
Publication date:  Friday, May 31, 2013
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