Title:  Applied Human Factors in Road Safety Guide: A Book in the Canadian Road Safety Engineering Handbook (CRaSH)
Publication code:  PTM-AHFRS-E

Applied Human Factors in Road Safety Guide is a practical guide for the application of human factors to road design and traffic operations, with a focus on road safety for a Canadian audience. The guide provides practitioners with a basic understanding of the road user capabilities, performance and behaviours, and also includes several practical tools for the application of human factors, including: design consistency, positive guidance, self-explaining roads, driver information load analysis and human factors axioms for road safety. The material is designed to be applicable to all road users including motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

Applied Human Factors in Road Safety is intended to identify, define, and share good practices in road safety engineering in order to assist Canadian road authorities and road safety engineering practitioners in providing service to the public and addressing road safety issues at the local level. Implementing good road safety engineering practices will help achieve the targets set in local road safety plans as well as in Canada’s Road Safety Vision.

The Guide is part of the Canadian Road Safety Engineering Handbook (CRaSH), a series of 10 titles and anticipated titles developed under the auspices of the Road Safety Standing Committee of the Chief Engineers’ Council. Although each book is specifically designed to be self-contained, taken together they comprise a comprehensive, authoritative and highly complementary set of practical guidelines. Other books in the series provide information on subject areas such as road safety audits and speed management.

Disponible en français : Guide d'application des facteurs humains en sécurité routière (2013)

Pages:  208
Publication year:  2013
Category:  Economics & Administration Road Safety
Media type:  eBook Print
Publication type:  National Guidelines
Publication date:  Friday, March 29, 2013
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