Title:  Connected and Automated Vehicles: A Primer for Canadian Municipalities (2021)
Publication code:  PRM-CAV-E

From making transportation safer to transforming transportation networks, development patterns, businesses and our daily lives, CAVs will have far-reaching impacts. Despite the many claims that have been made, there is still much uncertainty surrounding CAVs, including how and when this technology will be commercially deployed, and the benefits and drawbacks of CAVs for a city’s transportation network, economy and society as a whole. This primer provides a high-level overview of CAVs. It attempts to dispel some myths around CAVs and provide some essential information, so that municipal stakeholders can make informed decisions on planning for a future with CAVs.

Pages:  11
Publication year:  2021
Category:  Connected & Automated Vehicles
Media type:  PDF
Publication type:  Primer
Publication date:  Friday, January 29, 2021
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