Title:  PACKAGE: Migratory Birds Practices and Operational Guidance Documents (2019)
Publication code:  PKG-MBBPOG-E

This package consists of three documents: 

1) PTM-BPCMB-E: Beneficial Practices for Compliance with the Migratory Birds Convention Act and Regulations (2019)   

2) PTM-MBVM-E: Operational Guidance for Migratory Birds and Vegetation Management for Existing Transportation Facilities and Infrastructure (2019)

3) PTM-MBNBC-E: Operational Guidance for Migratory Bird Nests under Bridges and in Culverts (2019)

Detailed information and individual copy pricing on these documents is available under their separate listings. 

Background: Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), through the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS), administers the Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994 and associated Migratory Bird Regulations to protect and conserve the vast majority of birds encountered in Canada. Migratory birds are frequently identified and encountered along transportation rights-of-way within natural habitats, as well as on culverts, bridges and other human-made structures. The presence of migratory birds can significantly delay a project or routine maintenance operation if it has not been accounted for during the project’s planning and design phase.

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Publication year:  2019
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