Title:  Emerging Practice Briefing: Continuous Sidewalks and Bike Paths
Publication code:  EPB-CSBP-E

Continuous sidewalks and bike paths prioritize pedestrians and cyclists over turning motor vehicles at crossings of local streets.

The designs of continuous sidewalk and bike path treatments in Canada have varied, and this briefing provides a synthesis of the techniques used and lessons learned. It also identifies several examples and references. It is important to note that continuous sidewalks and bike paths are already used widely at residential and commercial driveway crossings and laneways. However, the purpose of this document is to specifically address their use at the intersection of two public rights-of way, where at least one is a local street.

This briefing does not represent technical guidance.

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Pages:  12
Publication year:  2023
Category:  Public Transportation & New Mobility Resource Centre PDFs (free) Road Safety
Media type:  PDF
Publication type:  Briefing
Publication date:  Tuesday, August 1, 2023
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