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The Evolution and Legacy of Transportation Education in Canada (2014)

The Evolution and Legacy of Transportation Education in Canada was written as a monograph project in honour of both the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC)’s centennial anniversary in 2014 and the transportation community.

Transportation has always been about moving people and goods, but with varying social, political, economic, technical and environmental considerations. The importance of skills in planning, building, operating and maintaining transportation systems has been long recognized.

Early in the twentieth century, at the time of formation of the Canadian Good Roads Association (CGRA) in 1914, training and education were primarily on-the-job.  For long distance travel, rail was dominant at that time, but walking and cycling were the primary modes of transport for the everyday movement of people. Over the years it evolved to road and air travel being dominant, with other modes continuing as vital parts of the safe and efficient movement of goods and people.

The evolution of transportation education, as described in this Monograph recognizes the relative and changing impact of the modes. But it also recognizes that the fundamentals of science and engineering are invariant. There is a legacy of the outcomes of the training and education and the associated advances. The beneficiaries are not only today’s professionals but also the leaders of tomorrow and the public at large.

Disponible en français : L’évolution et l’héritage de l’enseignement dans le domaine des transports au Canada (2014)


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