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Study of Natural Gas Pipeline Placement in Rural Road Right-of-Ways (2001)

The placement and location of hydrocarbon pipelines with respect to road geometries and cross sections can have an effect on

1) the safety of the highway system, its users and adjacent residents and

2) the operational and economic impacts of highway maintenance.

This study is intended to provide readers with a qualitative and quantitative understanding of the implications of locating pressurized natural gas pipelines in various locations within rural road right-of-ways. The study’s conclusions and recommendations include definition of compatible and incompatible combinations of pipeline and location installations in terms of safety, cost and constructibility; various risk and impact mitigation measures to enhance safety and reduce costs; and long-term approaches to optimize the situation.

Keywords: Network (transp); Highway; Pipe; Gas; Safety; Operational Research; Economics; Location


Topic:Construction, Maintenance and operations
Focus Area:Infrastructure and Asset Management
Publication code: PTR-NATGAS
Pages: -1
Publication year: 2001
Media type: pdf
Publication type: Report
Publication date: March 15, 2001
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