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TAC Sign Patterns: PART 4 – Temporary Conditions Signs and Devices (2022)

TAC Sign Patterns (TSP) complements the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada (MUTCDC). It encourages traffic control uniformity across Canada and compatibility throughout North America and provides users and manufacturers with accurate patterns to be used when producing traffic control signs. Previous editions of this product were known as TAC’s Sign Pattern Manual.

It is available either in separate Parts, or as a Package. All components are provided bilingually (i.e. include both English and French).

View the list of signs in each Part (pdf) →

Buying TAC Sign Patterns

PKG-TSPALL-BPackage: TAC Sign Patterns – ALL PARTS (1-4)$350$465
PTM-TSP1REG-BTAC Sign Patterns: PART 1 – Regulatory Signs$100$135
PTM-TSP2WARN-BTAC Sign Patterns: PART 2 – Warning Signs$100$135
PTM-TSP3INFO-BTAC Sign Patterns: PART 3 – Guide and Information Signs$100$135
PTM-TSP4TEMP-BTAC Sign Patterns: PART 4 – Temporary Conditions Signs and Devices$100$135

Each Part includes:

  • Electronic image files. Each sign is provided in three electronic file formats: AI, EPS, and PDF files. All the signs are vector-based and are scalable without loss of quality.
  • A user guide in e-book format that provides brief information on proper scaling and sign design.

These items are delivered using the same software as TAC’s e-books, eVantage by VitalSource. Users will need to both create an eVantage account and download this software. After Bookstore checkout, customers will receive an order confirmation email and another email with both their license code and instructions to create their account and redeem their license code. After logging in and redeeming the code, the user guide will be available. Click the “resources” (paper clip) icon beside the cover of the user guide to download the sign pattern files. There are NO REFUNDS provided after the license code has been redeemed.

Sign Pattern Software and Fonts

Users require commercially available software to open the files (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat/Reader, Macromedia FreeHand, CorelDraw or other programs to import AI, EPS or PDF files). They are reminded to refer to the MUTCDC for guidance on proper sign selection as well as on the required methods and conditions for installation.

The font used in the patterns, FHWA Series 2000 Standard Edition or FHWA 2000EX Expanded Edition (includes accents and other special characters), series B, C, D, E, E(m), and F, is not provided with the TAC Sign Patterns and must be purchased separately from a supplier. The text in the provided sign patterns has been converted to outlines, therefore the font is only required to customize text or numerals on a standard sign.

Topic:Traffic operations and management
Focus Area:Safety, Design and Operations
Publication code: PTM-TSP4TEMP-B
Publication year: 2022
Media type: ebook
Publication type: Image Files
Publication date: June 30, 2022
Member price: $100.00
Regular price: $135.00