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Synthesis of Transportation Asset Management Best Practices for Canada (2016)

This synthesis of practices is based on information obtained by an extensive literature review, a targeted survey of transportation agencies across Canada, follow-up telephone and face-to-face interviews, and interviews and discussions with asset management experts including technical staff representing private sector, municipal, provincial and federal agencies and not-for-profit industry groups across Canada.

The report is organized according to the International Standard Organization (ISO) 55000 asset management standard, with each chapter, and all sections within the chapters, following the ISO 55000 asset management system elements. Each section of the document includes the following three sub-sections:

  • International Practice: A summary of the ISO 55000 Asset Management System element;
  • Canadian Practice Summary: A description of Canadian practice related to the ISO 55000 Asset Management System element; and
  • Highlight of Canadian Best Practice: Examples or reference to Canadian agency practice related to the ISO 55000 Asset Management System element.

There is a strong movement in Canada for agencies to integrate investment planning and programming and move away from traditional silo-based infrastructure management systems into one comprehensive system. Agencies are moving toward systems that track asset performance from construction to retirement and use life cycle cost to make whole life maintenance and rehabilitation investment decisions. These systems report on achievements in maintaining and improving asset condition as measured by key performance measures. This synthesis can be used to help agencies to develop an asset management plan, as well as to identify gaps and deficiencies for continued improvement.

Disponible en français : Synthèse des meilleures pratiques en matière de gestion d’actifs de transport pour le Canada (2016)


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Publication date: May 9, 2016
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