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Management of Road Construction and Maintenance Wastes (1994)

Transportation authorities are increasingly looking for ways of managing excess construction and maintenance materials through their reduction, re-use and recycling. In certain cases, these materials are in fact wastes which are managed according to existing regulations and legislations. More typically, however, they represent useful materials which have simply become excess to the needs of the current owner.

The value of such materials becomes particularly apparent when re-use and recycling approaches and methods are employed. In turn, cost savings as well as improved environmental protection is achieved by those transportation agencies that choose to support and implement such strategies.

This report represents a comprehensive discussion on how transportation agencies should approach the management of road construction and maintenance wastes. In addition, the report provides extensive details on key construction and maintenance waste materials.

Topic:Maintenance and operations, Soils and materials
Focus Area:Infrastructure and Asset Management
Publication code: PTM-ROADWASTE
Pages: 322
Publication year: 1994
Media type: pdf
Publication type: Report
Publication date: October 1, 1994
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