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Guidelines for Transit Lane Conspicuity Through Surface Treatment (2010)

Surface treatments, including the coloration of asphalt, continually convey the “special transit only status” message to motorists without drawing their attention off the road. Transit lane violation has a negative impact on both transit travel times and the image of the transit facility. By making transit lanes more obvious to the eye and mind, lane violation can be significantly decreased or eliminated. This TAC guideline recommends using red for the coloured surface treatment of transit lanes.

The guidelines were developed based on four key principles:
1) The use of strict conditions for implementation instead of widespread implementation;
2) A focus on restricted areas versus conflicting areas;
3) Partial and full-length application; and
4) Compatibility with other transit lane design elements.

Agencies designing transit lanes should follow existing guidelines or standards for transit lane markings and signage.


Disponible en français : Lignes directrices pour la perceptibilité des voies réservées au transport en commun par le traitement (2010)

Topic:Traffic operations and management
Focus Area:Safety, Design and Operations
Publication code: PTM-LANEMARK
Pages: 30
Publication year: 2010
Media type: pdf
Publication type: National Guidelines
Publication date: May 20, 2010
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