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Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads: Chapter 7 – Roadside Design (2017)

GDG Chapter 7 – Roadside Design introduces road safety concepts and the use of quantitative analysis to evaluate roadside safety design options; outlines the fundamental concept of the clear zone and its application through the provision of appropriate cross section and drainage elements to allow for driver recovery; outlines mitigation and protection techniques to reduce the severity of fixed-object collisions with roadside furniture including signs, luminaires and traffic barriers; and discusses roadside design in urban environments and for low volume roads.

TAC’s Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads (GDG) is a fundamental reference document for roadway design practitioners in Canada. It contributes to the development of regional, provincial and national road and highway systems by helping planners and designers meet the needs of road users with safety and consistency while addressing the context of local conditions and environments. The GDG addresses freeways, arterials, collectors and local roads in both urban and rural contexts, as well as special roads and facilities for walking and cycling.

The 11 chapters in the Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads are: 1 – Design Philosophy; 2 – Design Controls, Classification and Consistency; 3 – Alignment and Lane Configuration; 4 – Cross Section Elements; 5 – Bicycle Integrated Design; 6 – Pedestrian Integrated Design; 7 – Roadside Design; 8 – Access; 9 – Intersections; 10 – Interchanges;  and 11 – Special Roads (added in 2020).

The GDG is complemented by the Canadian Roundabout Design Guide

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  • Updates to technical content in chapters 2, 5, 7, 9 and 10 were included as of August 19, 2019. Summary of Revisions (pdf)
  • Chapter 11 was added in April 2020.


 Disponible en français : Guide canadien de conception géométrique des routes (2017): Chapitre 7 – Aménagement des abords de route (2017)

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Focus Area:Safety, Design and Operations
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