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Structural Concrete Deck Protection Systems (2010)

This report contains information on the selection, design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of structural deck protection systems (SCDPS) for Canadian conditions. It focuses on structural waterproofing systems commonly used on infrastructure reinforced concrete components to provide an impermeable barrier to protect from corrosion damage.

An illustrated overview of concrete bridge deck waterproofing systems, performance problems, corrosion, and concrete deterioration is highlighted within the report. A list of recommended current SCDPS technical resources and a summary of North American standards for deck protection systems is also provided.

The technical and financial comparison and evaluation of generally available current SCDPS for a new bridge deck project involves three main components: feasibility assessment; a comparative rating of the features and performance; and a life-cycle cost analysis. The report includes an example illustrating this evaluation methodology.

A significant portion of the cost of concrete bridge components is related to the deterioration of reinforced concrete decks subjected to heavy loadings, harsh weather conditions, and regular winter use of anti-icing and de-icing salts across Canada. Enhanced technical and cost-effective structural concrete deck protection systems can play a key role in reducing maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation costs.

Focus Area:Infrastructure and Asset Management
Publication code: PTM-DECKPRO
Pages: 80
Publication year: 2010
Media type: pdf
Publication type: Report
Publication date: March 15, 2010
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