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Changing Practices in Data Collection on the Movement of People (2014)

Changing Practices in Data Collection on the Movement of People provides a practical, comprehensive framework for the coordination, collection, processing and management of data on the movement of people by all modes in Canadian urban areas and addresses data needs across the range of Canadian transportation agencies.

This framework is based on several building blocks:

  • A review of survey and data collection literature, including population-based surveys, choice-based sample surveys, technology-based data collection methods. Each type of data collection is examined
  • A review of data integration/fusion/synthesis methods
  • An inventory and discussion of a variety of data sources pertaining to urban passenger travel
  • Results from an original survey of Canadian transportation agencies to identify current Canadian data collection practices, issues and needs

The fundamental proposition of the publication is that practices in Canadian urban passenger transportation data collection and management must evolve to meet changing needs, opportunities and challenges.  Transport agencies should have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the technical options available to them, of the strengths and weaknesses, benefits and costs of these options, and clear guidance in terms of cost-effective data collection programs that will best fit their local needs and budgets.

Disponible en français : Évolution des pratiques de collecte de données sur les déplacement des personnes (2014)

Topic:Transportation planning
Focus Area:Mobility
Publication code: PTM-DCMP-E
Pages: 328
Publication year: 2014
Media type: pdf
Publication type: Report
Publication date: January 1, 2014
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