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Synthesis of Practices for the Implementation of Centreline Rumble Strips (2005)

Rumble strips are raised or grooved patterns installed on the road surface to provide an auditory warning (rumbling sound) and a physical vibration to alert drivers that they are leaving the travel lane.

Centreline rumble strips (CRS) are applied along the centre of undivided roadways and generally used to prevent head-on collisions. The purpose of this publication is to review and synthesize current literature and practices on CRS’s in North America and internationally and to recommend an appropriate update to TAC’s Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads.

The report:

  • Reviews current practices, including design elements and documented issues;
  • Outlines conclusions based on the literature, including recommendations for design elements and application guidelines;
  • Presents potential future research topics; and
  • Provides appendices containing design drawings from several jurisdictions and the provincial and state CRS policy documents reviewed.


Topic:Road safety
Focus Area:Safety, Design and Operations
Publication code: PTM-CENTER-RS
Pages: -1
Publication year: 2005
Media type: pdf
Publication type: Synthesis of Practices
Publication date: July 15, 2005
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