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Guide for Bridge Repair and Rehabilitation (2007)

The Guide for Bridge Repair and Rehabilitation was developed for bridge owners who may be confronted with requirements for managing a bridge population, or an individual bridge, but who may not have all the detailed knowledge of the state-of the-art in bridge rehabilitation and repair. It is intended that such users be able to refer to this document to obtain a general overview of bridge rehabilitation and repair, and to enable them to understand when expertise, in the form of external agencies or bridge engineering consultants, should be brought to bear on the issues.

  • Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the issues of bridge repair and rehabilitation;
  • Chapter 2 reviews the types of bridge structures that are associated with short, medium, and long span structures, as well as other types of structures such as hybrid, movable, and temporary moveable bridges;
  • Chapter 3 provides information on construction material, including asphalt, concrete, steel, masonry, timber, and many more that are used in the construction of bridges;
  • Chapter 4 explores the elements of bridges and the types of deterioration that occur on each;
  • Chapter 5 reviews materials used in bridge repair and rehabilitation;
  • Chapter 6 describes rehabilitation methodologies;
  • Chapter 7 explores special considerations for bridge repair and rehabilitation, including maintenance, life cycle costing and the aesthetics of rehabilitation. It also reviews social, economic, and environmental considerations;
  • Chapter 8 provides a glossary of terms used in the industry; and
  • Chapter 9 provides a list of references used throughout the Guide.


Focus Area:Infrastructure and Asset Management
Publication code: PTM-BRIDGEREP-E
Pages: 226
Publication year: 2007
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Publication type: National Guidelines
Publication date: November 15, 2007
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