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Guide to Bridge Management (2004)

Many Canadian bridges have reached the end of their serviceable lives (50 to 80 years) and many more are approaching the same condition. In addition, the cost of bridge maintenance has been rising over the years and deficient bridges are becoming more prevalent. TAC’s Guide to Bridge Management provides tools and strategies for professionals to identify conditions and deficiencies, to assess needs and to evaluate costs, such that appropriate investments are made in the areas of greatest need. The Guide may also be a valuable reference tool for owners and consultants, providing assistance in the judgment of engineering services for bridge management, on the basis of a common terminology and attributes.

The Guide provides a description of existing bridge management functions and the most effective practices and activities that could be implemented. Chapter topics cover:

  • bridge management overview (for senior managers)
  • bridge anatomy and components
  • bridge deficiencies
  • management, operations and maintenance (for managers)
  • bridge inspection
  • evaluation
  • references

The Guide will be of use to both municipalities and provinces/territories, to assist in the development of reasonable management practices for bridge infrastructure. It is designed so that it can be applied to unique bridge structures or elements, or an overall network of bridges.

For those with a bridge management best practice in place, this Guide will provide a wealth of additional information. For those without such a system and looking to establish one, this Guide will prove very helpful in needs determination.


Focus Area:Infrastructure and Asset Management
Publication code: PTM-BRIDGEMGMT-E
Pages: 82
Publication year: 2004
Media type: ebook, print
Publication type: National Guidelines
Publication date: June 15, 2004
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