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Guide to Bridge Traffic and Combination Barriers (2010)

This guide discusses issues relating to current practices in Canada, and summarizes the available resources, research and design guidance accepted by major North American agencies and jurisdictions. The guide was developed to synthesize and help unify the Canadian bridge barrier design practices.

Divided into eight chapters, the publication specifically focuses on barrier performance levels, conceptual design guidance for new traffic barriers, combination barriers and multi-modal protection, bridge barrier end treatments, as well as evaluation and upgrade of existing systems.

This publication is intended to serve as a comprehensive summary rather than a design specification guide. No crash testing was conducted during the project and all findings noted in the guide are based solely on literature review and interviews with expert researchers and representatives of major Canadian jurisdictions.

The content of the publication is consistent with the requirements of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, which is the principal design code specification for bridge barriers in Canada.

Disponible en français : Guide des glissières de sécurité et des glissières combinées pour les ponts (2010)


Focus Area:Infrastructure and Asset Management
Publication code: PTM-BARRIER-E
Publication year: 2010
Media type: ebook, print
Publication type: National Guidelines
Publication date: March 15, 2010
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