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IMAGE FILES: Handbook of Recommended Information Sign Symbols for Canada (2008)

The electronic vector image files of the Handbook of Recommended Information Sign Symbols for Canada (2008) are intended to assist jurisdictions with the proper reproduction of the sign symbols presented in the document of the same name. The files are provided in EPS format in order to maintain their resolution if resizing is required.  

The image files are organized into the 19 facility type groups represented in Part 2 of the Handbook: General Services; Emergency Services; Accommodation; Campground Services; Disabled Services; Domestic Animal Facilities/Services; Public Facilities/Services; Roadside Assistance; Transportation and Station Services; Cultural Attractions; Nature Attractions; Structures; Tourist Attractions; Air Recreation; Entertainment; Land Recreation; Water Recreation; Winter Recreation; and Miscellaneous.  The sign symbol images for each group are accompanied by a PDF overview listing.  

Practitioners are strongly encouraged to use the image files in consultation with the Handbook, which contains important information on general application and guidelines, facility eligibility, and multiple activity/facility signing for proper sign symbol use.  

Buying this Publication

The Handbook and its related components can be bought as follows. 

  • The vector image (EPS format) files only (FLS-SYMBOL-E) for $149 member / $199 regular. The image files are delivered via Gilmore’s eVantage software.
  • The Handbook (PTM-SYMBOL-E) only for $149 member / $199 regular. Available in print or e-book.
  • A package of both the Handbook and vector image files (PKG-SYMBOL-E) for $249 member / $325 regular. The package PKG-SYMBOL-E-EBK offers the Handbook in e-book format.

The e-book, image files and package are delivered using eVantage software by VitalSource. Users will need to both create an eVantage account and download this software. After Bookstore checkout, customers will receive an order confirmation email and another email with both their license code and instructions to create their account and redeem their license code. Click the “resources” (paper clip) icon beside the cover of the user guide to download the sign pattern files. There are NO REFUNDS provided after the license code has been redeemed.

Topic:Traffic operations and management
Focus Area:Safety, Design and Operations
Publication code: FLS-SYMBOL-E
Publication year: 2008
Publication type: Image Files
Publication date: January 29, 2008
Member price: $149.00
Regular price: $199.00