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Understanding the Past and Preparing for the Future: A Look at the City of Hamilton’s Road Condition/Performance


As part of their ongoing asset management initiative, the City of Hamilton has been
reviewing and updating their roads “numbers” for the State of the Infrastructure Report.
This paper includes a 10-year review of the City’s road performance, as well as, a 10-
year projection of road performance based on different funding levels.
The City of Hamilton was amalgamated in 2001. At that time, a network-level data
collection survey was conducted on City roads to evaluate the condition of the road
network. A network-level data collection survey was repeated again in 2006 and in
2011. These data collection surveys provided the City with 3 data points over a ten-year
The historical data was used to assess the pavement condition results and trends, as
well as the spending results/trends since the City’s amalgamation. This provided the City
with a look back at the road investment and the resulting road condition. Furthermore,
as a result of the 3 data collection efforts, the assumptions regarding the pavement
deterioration models and decision trees were evaluated/calibrated to be used for
future pavement performance.
Finally, the historical data and the new updated models were used to predict
pavement performance based on various spending scenarios, including the projected
funding over the next 10 years, the cost to maintain a status quo on the various classes
of roads, and the spending required to reach a “B” grade level of service as
recommended by City Council after the presentation of the 2009 SOTI Report.

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Asset Management: Reinventing Organiations for the Next 100 Years (B)
L. Whitely-Legace
A. Dalziel
R. Andoga
J. Murray
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