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Training, Mentoring and Knowledge Management Initiatives Underway in Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation


This paper will outline the various initiatives currently underway at Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation, as well as some other initiatives that have been tried, and abandoned. The paper will explain each initiative, and outline its development from inception, and “needs definition” through to its implementation, monitoring, and (in some cases) modification. Some of the initiatives to be covered will include: • Transportation Infrastructure Career Development Program This is a program aimed at Civil Engineering undergraduates at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary and, in partnership with the Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA) and the Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA), provides transportation related full time work assignments (for durations of 4 or 6 months each) with a Contractor, a Consultant and the Department. This is an on-going program which has had about 50 participants. • The Mentoring Program This program is aimed at the technical level and has individuals (Contractors, Consultants, or Department staff) working for a few weeks (with a different employer) in areas in which they would like to gain more in depth knowledge. This program is currently underway and has had close to 100 participants. • Knowledge Transfer Program This program was envisaged as having 2 or more employees of equivalent abilities (but working for different sectors – Contractor, Consultant or Department) exchange jobs for a period of 6 to 12 months. This program received strong all round support initially, but despite several revisions to the original delivery, it proved difficult to implement. The program has now been abandoned. • Professional Rotation Opportunity Program This is an initiative which encourages and facilitates in house Department staff gaining experience in other related areas of work in the Department through temporary work assignments (3 to 12 month durations). This program is currently underway and has had 20 to 30 participants. • Co-op Program This program takes Civil Engineering undergraduates from the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary and provides work terms within the Department (a total of 3 or 4 assignments of 3 or 4 months duration each) to 4 or 5 students a year.

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