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The Quarters Downtown – Transforming Edmonton’s Downtown Core


The Quarters Downtown is an urban redevelopment initiative located in Edmonton, Alberta on the east side of the downtown core. The Quarters Downtown has been in the development and planning stages since 2005 and the focal point of the development is a four block custom streetscape known as the Armature. The streetscape has public realm space for pedestrians, bike lanes for cyclists, transit facilities (bus and future light rail) crossing perpendicular and it accommodates vehicles but at the lowest priority. This corridor is also a link for the communities from the north to access the river valley to the south. It is scheduled to be completed fall 2015.
The Quarters Downtown area was Edmonton’s first commercial district. This area has had various types of development over the last 100 years and now consists of a significant number of unused buildings, lots and surface parking lots. Through the design and construction of the Armature the private, public and transportation spaces are integrated. Within the public realm, low impact drainage is included with the use of soil cells and other custom street furnishings are included to assist in making the Armature a place to gather and meet.
The design of the Armature considers pedestrians first with the use of flush curbs, minimization of
crossing distances for pedestrians and a design of the roadway to minimize the amount of vehicle traffic. Cyclists are accommodated through bike lanes and transit crosses the Armature making it easy to access the area without a vehicle. The development of the Armature will be the focal point of the Quarters community and has already attracted a world class hotel and other mixed-use developments are in the planning stages including an artist center with residences above.

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Role of Community Development in Advancing Safer and Healthier Mobility
Foth, M.
Debrinski, M.A.
Active transportation, Mobility management