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The Fredericton-Moncton Highway 5 Year Review A Partnership in Progress


This paper provides an overview of the progress and status of the ongoing Fredericton-Moncton Highway Project. This project uses a Design, Build, Operate and Maintain, Alternate Service Delivery (ASD) approach between the Province of New Brunswick and Maritime Road Development Corporation. Although portions of the highway facility have been operational prior to the signing of the agreements between the Province and Maritime Road Corporation (MRDC), the Highway has been fully operational since October 24th, 2001. Total completion of the construction of the Project was achieved late in the fall that same year. The Highway is the primary ground transportation route between Fredericton and Moncton, New Brunswick. It consists of 195 km of four-lane divided highway (Route 2) and approximately 12 km of four lane divided highway (Routes 1, 7, & 8) that serve as connectors to the FrederictonMoncton Highway facility. There are in total 21 interchanges and over 100 structures on the facility including 73 bridges and numerous large pipe arch culverts. Four maintenance depots located along the highway corridor serve as the bases of highway operations and were also constructed in conjunction with the Highway. The Operation, Maintenance, Management, and Rehabilitation of the Highway are an integral part of the Project over the thirty-year term between 1998 and 2028. This paper will provide a short background of the historical aspects of the project including the development, design and construction, with particular emphasis on the numerous safety features incorporated into the Highway. The paper will focus primarily on the operations and maintenance activities providing a status report. The paper will also present aspects of the Quality Management System and numerous benefits as a result of the Project in terms of technology transfer and other economic benefits to the citizens of New Brunswick.

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Scott, R
Richard, K
Withers, D
Construction, Maintenance and operations