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Submission for the Transportation Association of Canada 2008 Environmental Achievement Award


How to ensure the harmonious coexistence of a new high traffic urban arterial, a natural area and established residential neighbourhoods, while responding to the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, public transit and wildlife, in addition to maintaining an existing watercourse in its natural state? This was the multifaceted challenge we faced in designing the extension of an existing highway as a new four-lane urban boulevard passing through a natural area, a subdivision under development and several established residential neighborhoods. In addition, the size of the infrastructure and expected traffic volumes were perceived as major concerns by the local population. Furthermore, the project’s visual aspect and the careful insertion of this new roadway corridor into a changing landscape were of key importance to the design team. The residents of the City of Québec’s north end have been waiting for the RobertBourassa Autoroute Extension for several decades. This new urban boulevard is the result of a multi-year joint effort by regional elected officials, City of Québec municipal authorities and the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ). One of our key challenges consisted in achieving an overall understanding of the project’s key characteristics and potential impacts in order to best fulfill public expectations from a functional and environmental perspective. 

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2008 TAC Environmental Achievement Award Nominations
Yves Bédard
Daniel Trottier
Environmental issues, Environmental legislation