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Strategic Directions and New Actions for Goods Movement in the GTHA


Metrolinx, an agency of the Province of Ontario, is responsible for developing and
maintaining a Regional Transportation Plan and investment strategy for the Greater
Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). In 2008, its Board of Directors approved The Big
Move, its first Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The RTP is currently undergoing a
legislated review. An updated draft plan will be published in mid-2017.
This paper describes the development of new strategic directions and a new action plan
for goods movement in the GTHA, which was prepared in support of the current review
of the RTP. The new action plan represents an update of the multi-partner plan
developed to support The Big Move. The paper explains how the update responds to a
review of new issues and challenges as expressed by Metrolinx and its public sector,
private sector, organizational and academic partners. The paper points out that there are
many challenges and opportunities in goods movement in the GTHA (and elsewhere).
Addressing these needs requires coordination among many public and private sector
interests, while allowing for and encouraging individual initiatives and innovations.

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Kriger, D.
Gill, V.
Transportation planning