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Safety Swing Arm to Prevent Collisions with Snow Plows


SNC Lavalin O&M is the company responsible for the operations, maintenance
and rehabilitation of 275 kilometres of Trans-Canada Highway in New Brunswick;
from the Quebec border to Longs Creek (west of Fredericton), and Route 95
between the United States border and Woodstock, until 2033.
During its winter operations, SNC Lavalin O&M utilizes echelon plowing, the
practice of staggering snowplows across all lanes of a multi-lane highway. By
passing the ridge of snow from the lead snow plow to the following plow, echelon
plowing makes it possible to clear accumulation from all lanes at once. It is,
however, extremely dangerous for motorists to pass between or around the
snowplows while in this formation, due to the possibility of whiteout conditions
between the plow trucks. There is also the danger of impact with the back of the
right side wing plow as it becomes obscured by snow.

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2018 TAC Road Safety Engineering Award
Romeo Poitras
Road safety