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Road Construction Waste: To Landfill or to Recycle? There is no Question!


The City of Vancouver is a fully developed city with a population of over 500,000 and is currently undergoing significant urban renewal. Vancouver City Council, City staff and residents are committed to a sustainable, liveable city. This recycling initiative is a demonstration of the commitment to protecting the environment in a financially responsible manner. Reduction of heavy truck traffic and congestion are just some of the benefits of this program. The Vancouver Landfill is an important resource with limited capacity. Through the recycling initiatives of road construction materials, the capacity of this resource will be extended. Beginning in 2005, Vancouver made a significant move to reduce and reuse sewer, water, and road construction materials. Vancouver generates over 400,000 tonnes of excavated waste material from its sewer, water and road infrastructure projects. Through various crushing, screening, and blending projects over 100,000 tonnes of material have been used in the first full year of the project. This equates to a reuse of over 6,000 dump truck loads of material or equivalent to road base material for 46 lane km of roadway. This is material that did not need to be trucked to a landfill, or excavated from a gravel pit to be trucked back into the city. From a financial perspective this has resulted in a savings of over $500,000, which has been used as a direct reduction in material price to the city crews and also used to offset inflation of other raw materials. As for 2005, it was just the start of more to come in terms of an integrated approach to recycling good quality road construction materials at cost effective prices.

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Bremner, P.
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