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Project management is a fundamental part of what Stantec offers in its engineering, design and planning work for the transportation sector, as well as other sectors around the world.
If Stantec’s Quality Management System is the brain that analyzes and provides feedback on our performance in project management, our 10-Point Project Management Framework is the heart that keeps it alive and allows it to thrive.
Stantec’s Quality Management System was introduced in response to a need for measurable protocols in project management and control across the company. At its core, the Quality Management System includes our 10-Point Project Management (PM) Framework, which guides the development of our projects from start to finish. A key component of the PM Framework is the PM Boot Camp, a full-day in-class session delivered year-round in our offices around the world. The Boot Camps incorporate safety moments, group exercises, and specific examples dealing with real experiences in project management at Stantec. The Boot Camps have been delivered at over 180 sessions in 50 offices, and train over 700 of our PMs annually. Since the launch of the Boot Camps, over 2,500 Stantec PMs and support staff have taken the training, representing over 22,000 person hours of face-to-face learning. Our PMs have consistently rated their satisfaction with the training at 90-92%. The connection of the PM Framework to practical situations, as well as the knowledge and experiences of their peers, confirms the value of the training to our PMs as well as senior leadership.

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2015 Educational Achievement Award Nominations
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