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Performance measurement for roads in the North: Available tools and knowledge gaps


This paper investigates the suitability of available performance measurement tools for application in Canada‟s Territories and Northern Prairie Region in an effort to identify knowledge gaps and research needs. The improved outcomes expected as a result of the growing adoption of performance measurement tools will only be realized if the tools used are contextually appropriate. The Northern transportation context has unique demand, environmental, and infrastructure characteristics, requiring a unique set of tools. The research effort involved a literature review to synthesize performance measurement best practices, a characterization of tools available and in use in the North, and an assessment of available tools in view of best practices. Several research areas that could be addressed emerge, including: (1) The development of processes to link performance measures to decision-making; (2) Further work to translate customer values into performance measures; (3) The development of safety measures appropriate for low-volumes; (4) The development of surface condition measures for gravel roads; (5) The development of customized, higher-level outcome measures (and predictive models for these measures) in the areas of system reliability, economic impacts, and quality of life impacts; and, (6) The integration of performance measures in a hierarchical framework.

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Craig Milligan
Jeannette Montufar