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Performance Evaluation of Non-Intrusive Methods for Traffic Data Collection


For a long period of time, intrusive data collection methods like detector loops have been the solution for accurate and reliable traffic data collection. However; with technological advancements, new alternative non-intrusive traffic data collection methods and devices have emerged. Technologies such as radar devices and video analytics software have gained popularity with transportation agencies around the world.
The traditional detector loops can be expensive to install and maintain, the loops can damage the pavement and are prone to damage. The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) initiated a study to evaluate alternative non-intrusive devices for accuracy and reliability. Traffic volume data was collected using a variety of technologies including: recorded video and a video analytics software; two radar device technologies and MTO’s existing detector loops. All methods of data collection were validated for their accuracy.

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Session title:
Advances in the Data Collection and Usage for Pavement Management Systems
Banger, K.
Adriano, N.
Asset management, Pavements