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Peel Goods Movement Strategic Plan – Outreach Program


The Peel Goods Movement Strategic Plan (The Plan) (Appendix 1) is an innovative project and
amongst the first of its kind in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). The Peel goods
movement program has been leading the way for educating, gaining support and recognition of
the importance of goods movement to economies in Peel as well as the GTHA, Ontario and
Canada. It sets high level goals and 23 specific Action Items resulting in tangible outcomes,
some immediate and other long term strategies.
The Goods Movement Task Force Task Force (GMTF) was formed in 2009 comprising of
public sector members (Region of Peel, City of Mississauga, City of Brampton, Town of
Caledon, Ministry of Transportation, Metrolinx, Transport Canada) and private sector members
(CN Rail, CP Rail, Purolator, Boards of Trade, Walmart, Maritime-Ontario, Ontario Trucking
Association, Nestle and more). In 2012, after several meetings of the GMTF, the Peel Goods
Movement Strategic Plan was developed. Within the plan are 23 actions to improve, make
efficiencies and promote the importance of goods movement. Accompanying the Strategic
Plan, a communication and outreach plan was developed to help position the Region and the
Task Force as proactive leaders in improving transportation conditions for goods movement.
Through this Plan, Peel has taken steps to educate various stakeholders on goods movement
using specific messages that build support for the program. The program educates
stakeholders on the economic importance of goods movement, as well as advocate for
changes that improve goods movement and develop partnerships to strengthen the program
and future work.
The goal and anticipated benefits are Peel engaging various stakeholders to develop common
goals and objectives for improving transportation within and beyond Peel’s borders. The end
goal for Peel is maintaining and attracting goods movement businesses and jobs within the
Region for a strong economy. In achieving this, it is anticipated that Peel will also be able to
balance the needs of the community (social, safety, political issues, etc) with the needs of
providing an efficient and sustainable transportation system that facilitates the movement of
goods. The Strategic Plan is building awareness and positioning for stakeholder and public
recognition of the importance of goods movement. The Plan and outreach is aimed at
supporting infrastructure and other improvements that support goods movement and helps to
show the importance of having trucks on Peel’s roads.
A key component of this project was to educate on the importance of goods movement,
address some negative perceptions associated with goods movement and to recognize the key
role it plays in the economy. Peel has led the way for other municipalities to be able to
implement similar approaches/programs in their communities.

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