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Metamorphosis of Highway 201 Access Management


In March 2008, Alberta Transportation (AT) commissioned CH2M HILL Canada Limited to review and update the access management requirements for the Southeast Calgary Ring Road – Highway 201. The solutions for access management ranged from simple service road connections to reviewing possible additional interchanges to accommodate the many trucking businesses within the study area. Three government bodies were involved in the study, the City of Calgary (City), Rocky View County (County) and AT. The study morphed from a simple review to a more complex consultation process. The development of access management alternates required out of the box thinking in an attempt to find a compromise that would address as best as possible the requirements of all interested parties. The access management plan became part of the documentation provided to proponents who were preparing proposals for the Southeast Stoney Trail Ring Road P3 project (SEST). The implementation of the access management solutions presented in the 2008 detailed access management study have resulted in the further metamorphosis of several of the solutions such that they meet the changing design criteria imposed by the P3 technical requirements as well as the changing character of the areas surrounding the ring road. This paper is intended to illustrate how access management can morph from one solution during the planning phase to a modified solution during detailed design and in some cases to something else at implementation.

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Sandra Menzies
Transportation planning