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Meeting Freight Challenges through Effective Regional Planning and Partnerships


In April 2009, Peel Regional Council directed that the Peel Goods Movement Task Force be established in recognition of the importance of goods movement to Peel. There was a need for the private and public sector interests involved in goods movement to work together to address existing and future challenges and opportunities. The Task Force objective was to facilitate improved planning and implementation of goods movement infrastructure and services in partnership with the private sector and other levels of government. The Peel Goods Movement Task Force was formed to be a partnership. The mandate of the Task Force is to act as a change agent to bring about positive changes and impact. Members consult, communicate and collaborate to achieve common goals. The transportation system and the movement of both goods and people within and through Peel are, however, being increasingly impacted by rising levels of congestion. According to a study commissioned by Metrolinx, in 2006 the total cost of congestion in the GTHA was $6 billion (including $3.3 billion in costs to commuters and $2.7 billion in costs to the economy)1 . The increasing congestion affects the reliability and predictability of moving goods within and through Peel, and therefore threatens Peel’s economic competitiveness. Our vision is for Peel to have a safe, convenient, efficient, multi-modal, sustainable and integrated goods movement transportation system that supports a vibrant economy, respects the natural and urban environment, meets the diverse needs of industries and residents and contributes to a higher quality of life. The mission of the Task Force is it to support businesses with a transportation system that moves goods and delivers services quickly and efficiently, maximizes economic opportunities and reduces the associated environmental and community impacts. 

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Meeting Freight Challenges through Maximizing Opportunities and Innovation
Sabbir Saiyed
Noorani Khaderoo
Gary Kocialek
Transportation planning