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Managing the Risk of Aging Pavement Infrastructure in New Brunswick Through Innovative Decision Making


In the mid-2000’s, the New Brunswick Department of Transportation (NBDoT) was faced with aging and deteriorating pavement infrastructure, resulting in escalating maintenance costs and substantial rehabilitation demands. In response, the Department initiated an Asset Management Business Framework to transform its management of pavement infrastructure with the objective to more effectively manage its risks through improved decision in its rehabilitation planning. Guided by a well defined and integrated framework, a more strategic approach to long term, sustainable investment planning and program management has been implemented. This enables better decision-making by identifying the appropriate timing for the most effective and economical treatment based on long term, least life cycle costs to achieve optimal performance within annual budgets. Innovative decision making tools were introduced to build upon and expand the Department’s existing capabilities. Performance modelling and linear programmingoptimization are now used to develop strategic investment plans with tactical and annual programs that integrate a wide range of supporting information to enhance decision making. In 2007, the Department’s efforts were recognized with a three-year commitment of sustained pavement rehabilitation funding from the Provincial Government, which was the highest level in New Brunswick’s history. This has resulted in not only immediate improvements in the level of service being provided to road users, but through optimized decision making and targeting investments in the right place at the right time, has provided the Department a strategy to manage infrastructure assets with a long term sustainable outlook.

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Managing the Risk of Aging Infrastructure in the Face of Climate Change and Reduced Operating Budgets
Jay Cunningham
John MacNaughton
Shawn Landers
Construction, Maintenance and operations