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Life-Cycle Cost Analysis and Performance Comparison of Asphalt Overlays on PCC Pavements in Wet-Freeze Regions of Canada


Long term pavement performance studies and continuous evaluations can help inform better rehabilitation strategies, thus suggesting more innovative rehabilitation designs. This research sought to answer questions on which overlay type would perform better overtime in wet-freeze regions, and what are the major factors influencing their performances. This paper addressed the performance of asphalt concrete over PCC pavements on four LTPP data sites in the selected wet-freeze climate locations of the US and Canada. It has been found that the performance of PCC pavements is subjected to different rehabilitation strategies in the GPS-7 section of the LTPP program. Initially, both convolutional and the modified asphalt overlay strategies were applied for the asphalt concrete pavements rehabilitations for both GPS-7B and C. Then, the performance comparisons are conducted. Firstly, the data obtained were analysed to evaluate the reduction in distresses and roughness index (IRI) achieved after these rehabilitation strategies were applied. Meanwhile, trend analyses were carried out to note the improvements overtime. It was found that the surface distresses such as longitudinal and transverse cracks took longer periods to occur on the modified overlays, and those defects have lower severity compared with the conventional asphalt overlays. What’s more, both types of overlay treatments resulted in similar levels of IRI after few successive years of service. However, the rate of roughness changing seemed better if the modified asphalt overlay was conducted on the milled surfaced and with thickness asphalt overlays. Finally, the scenarios generated for LCCA proved that modified asphalt overlays are more suggested than conventional asphalt overlay considering the overall pavement maintenance cost.

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Innovations in Pavement Management, Engineering and Technologies (S)
Huyan, J., Oyeyi, A.G., Tighe, S.L.