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Integration of Ramps with Pavement Management System Mainline Network Database


Ramps constitute an integral part of an agency highway network. Not only they provide access to the mainline highway network, but also some may be of sufficient length to be treated as a highway segment. However, the importance of ramps has not been widely recognized and addressed within the pavement management system (PMS). Ramps can deteriorate faster than mainline routes resulting in discomfort to the motorists. The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is responsible for the maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of more than 4000 ramp segments in their state highway system. In order to define the need for maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R) work, plan implementation in a timely fashion, and to establish annual budgets, NJDOT added their ramp network to the PMS in 1995. For this purpose, a PMS component to compile and analyze the ramp data was developed. Once the survey was complete, the data was loaded to the PMS. In 2001, NJDOT initiated development of a second generation of the PMS that included further ramp studies. Another ramp distress data collection cycle was initiated in 2002 and will be completed in 2003, which will follow the 1995 ramp survey approach. This paper details a novel approach on the integration of ramps with the existing mainline network database that resulted from eight years of PMS development and enhancement efforts. The paper reports the scope and methodology for the ramp survey and analysis, development of ramp identification system, a condition-rating procedure for field-testing of ramp network, QA/QC procedure, loading procedure of the ramp data to the PMS and a ramp M&R and optimization analysis. The integration of ramps within the PMS mainline network database provides the ramp’s condition and needs summaries after performing the M&R analysis. The analytical capabilities of the PMS are utilized for the management of ramps after performing several budget scenarios. Integrating ramp inventory and condition rating data with the PMS mainline network can lead to an effective ramp M&R decision-making. 

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Ahmed Khan, R
Helali, K
Ahmed, Z
Szabo, S
Construction, Maintenance and operations