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Integrated Strategic ITS Planning and Operations Platform for Public Transit Networks in Québec


Sharing common needs and interests, four Quebec public transit agencies, namely the Société de transport de Sherbrooke (STS), the Société de transport de Trois-Rivières (STTR), the Société de transport de Lévis (STLévis) and the Société de transport de Saguenay (STSaguenay) decided to work together to develop and deploy their respective intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to deliver sustainable public transit services. The project management approach developed and used for this initiative was a first for Canada. Under the guidance of Roche ltée, Groupe-conseil (Roche), acting as project manager and technical advisor, this integrated strategic initiative, completed between June 2008 and February 2010, was divided into three main components: 1. ITS strategic plans for each of the four transit agencies 2. Development of an integrated information management system (SIPE) for the STS 3. Assessment of regulatory, telecommunication, sales and fee collection system needs for each transit agency This project will have a significant positive impact on personal mobility, as it will result in improved transit services that are safer, more efficient and more responsive to client needs. Through the implementation of ITS, it will strengthen the role of public transit as a viable and sustainable transportation alternative in these mid-sized cities where the automobile is typically the predominant means of transportation. The project’s potential application in other settings is quite high given that the methodology can easily be adapted to the specific needs of different urban environments. In fact, within this project, the approach was adjusted to suit the needs of four distinct public transit systems operating in different regions of Quebec. Given its unique and innovative approach and methodology, project authorities were able to secure funding from Transport Canada for phases 1 and 2.

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Active transportation, Mobility management, Transportation planning